#This is how I play

Client: Nike Kids

Agency: R/GA Shanghai

Sports is freaking awesome. But right now, in China sports is too regimented for kids. It isn’t fun when PE teachers force you to run 1km. It isn’t fun when you have to dribble the ball 100 times till you get blisters. Play isn’t a button. It should be whatever makes you feel good. Play is when fun unlocks possibilities. On Children's day, we hack the regimented system of sports merging with a leading social platform, we inspired kids to be spontaneous and creative.

Instead of saying "Just do it".
We create a system for kids to actually “do it”.


#This is how I play ( #看我多会玩 ) is a series of TikTok challenges that stretch both your sports performance and creativity. We launched 3 challenges ( Synchronize Everything, Match The Beats, and I Can Fly ) to kick off the campaign, each launched with an influencer video to set an example for others to follow. We created a customized "check" gesture that the consumer could show to activate the special customized TikTok filter. Through film launch with TikTok along with Nike’s own social and partner application, we had a call to action to get kids moving through a series of challenges.

Result in, 513.9M TikTok challenge page views during the campaign.