Sales Pitch

We never ask people if they're interested in this board game. Because they always are. Once you buy it, you will own the most dynamic, unbelievable, fantastic, and exciting board game. But be careful. The game is so addictive that all we can say is good luck with your bladder. 

If you order it today, you will get the initial version with all our creator's signatures, and it's only 29.99 USD. (shipping fee is not included). However, if you feel you're rich. You can pay 999.00 USD to become our premier member. So you can enjoy this game with our inventors without worrying about not having enough people to play it with you. 

Now, you listen to us and you listen well. 

Are you feeling bored about looking at those pretty girls having the same kind of looking on social media? Good. Buy the game and start playing. Is your phone packed with group chats about work? Good. Buy the game and start playing. All you have to do today is BUY the game. And we'll make you happier than watching those god damn cats videos. 

P.s. If you don't understand what I'm talking about means you miss the video above that‘s jam pack with good shit. SHAME ON YOU.